Where to find?

Where can I find a printing company to help me?

It has been asked so many times and it fills up my email box.

 Here is the freebie for everyone.

1) Find a small printing company, or poster design shop. Use the Yellow Pages from Yahoo.com. Just type in "printing shop", and your zip code.

2) Go to visit.

3) From my experience, only small, and bad organized company can have a chance.

4) Ask your friend who know Corel Draw. He/She should be able to draw out the diploma layout and the school seal for you.

... It is just the beginning. You will need to do many social engineering. Usually you should ask two printing company to do the job. One make the seal, and another one do the printing only. In this way, they might willing to help...

Once you finished the above step, email me and I will tell you the rest.

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