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Best Service!!!

For Phoney Diploma, I would say they are very safe to do this kind of business, use their own templates and self-made seals for the fake diploma that have "Excellence" on it.

For parties or impressing your friends, it is a great choice. Also you may required to fill in some forms, and fax back. Most customers prefer them because they have a great looking website, best payment options, and you can even call them too! 

The owner Ed probably is the most polite people we have met in this kind of biz. Other website owners, like righttrackref, nd-center, diplomasunlimited, do many bad practice thing for their biz including spam, fake posting and flaming each others.

If you want your fake diploma and transcript to be customized and with all the "correct" seal, and signatures, it may not be a good choice. For "serious" buyer, you should try elsewhere.

Owner: Document Printing Services

Location: Richmond, VA, USA

Record on: May 06

Below is their operation photos


I discourage All the people to use their service, and I don't recommend you to buy any.

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