Diploma.skyw Review

diploma.skyw.com, blackmarketdiploma.am5.com

They have many websites: also geocities.com/authenticdiploma or email qualitydiploma@hotmail.com

Their Website seem down!

Be careful of this fake diploma website or email address. Take a look on my comment page's review. I think someone own that review, and post this website for adv. purpose. I haven't tried their service, why? take a look at this email.

As you can see in some reviews, this site just take your money and run away. They are not even doing a "overnight-fly" business. For fake diploma buying, everyone need to be careful. 

They are using geocities, skyw... etc. I cannot trace them out.

Owner: J. Leggit*

Location: San Jose, CA*

*might be a third-party agent



I discourage All the people to use their service, and I don't recommend you to buy any.

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