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Ripped Off

Great looking fake diploma website, but be caution. Although they show many diploma and transcript photos on their website, and claim 100% authentic, it is nothing to do with their products. Don't trust them.  The site claim they are from China, but they have nothing to do with China, and they don't even make what they promised, and have a "novelty" hard printed on the back of the diploma. The fake diploma really look bad.

If you order their fake diploma or transcript, tell them you have a 20% off coupon from your friend. (The coupon don't have any reference number).

Owner George De Guzman

Location: Philippines

Record on: Jan 2006

Their products as below

BackAlleyPress Diploma

BackAlleyPress Envelope 



I discourage All the people to use their service, and I don't recommend you to buy any.

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