Listen All Website Owners, and Feedback Email

The earliest quote I remember was internalized in about 5th grade.  It is, "The truth is not apart from reality but lies within it."  I find this applicable to many things.

 To get the true from lies. Please read the following:

Who you are?

Email - Feedback

Website Owners

The best way to improve your grade is to encourage your customers to send feedback to us. Otherwise, do the following:
  • Take a photo of your work with surrounding environment. (Scanned copy is NOT acceptable, you can block the customer name)
  • Payment information from your customer. (You can block everything, but leave the last name open)
  • Photo of your Workshop. (Again, you can block sensitive thing)

Tell you the true, I know who is faking, so don't try to fool me with your work.



In order to identify you are not one of the website owner. Give me the following information:
  • Photo of your paper (Scanned copy is acceptable, you can block some areas)
  • Your ID or Student ID or Driving License. (You can block everything, but leave your last name and/or part of your name open, it must match the paper)
  • If you don't  provide ID. You should forward me the email between you and the corresponding website and Payment Information.

In this way, I can certainly tell. I will make change the grading as soon as I have time to update my site.



 Just send to me!