FAQ on Fake Diplomas


 How many diploma reviews on the internet?

 There are so many reviews, below are few:





 Another interesting website www.anti-fakediplomareview.com


 Which printing company or website I recommend?

 If you are for the entertainment purpose, then I would say it really doesn't matter. For an authentic duplication, I would say,  almost none. As I said before, you need a printing company, not a fake diploma websites. Email me if you really want. I will not recommend you a company, but I will tell you how to find it around your location, both UK and USA. 

Click here, if you really need!



 Have I tried these websites in the review?

 Yes/No. I have almost all, otherwise I will state it in the review.


 What do I need to know before I order?

 A lot of information you will need:

   1. Do the website or company have disclosed their information:

      like the name of the owner, address,...? And how to I contact them? It is very important! You don't want to send them money and never heard any respond afterward right? Use telephone to contact them if  possible, otherwise use email. Get their information by using "social-engineering".

      If you are not sure how to do that, email me and I help you out (only if you are not in a hurry).

   2. Money Transfer:

                     Use Credit Card or Personal Check if possible. Some fake diploma websites use Western Union, Money Order, online money transfer system, and Third-Party agent. I don't have any bias for payment option, and honestly most websites take credit cards will not give you what you expected since they are diploma mill, and will not care quality. Be Careful!

   3. Shipping:

                      Some companies do not ship to some countries or states, so ask them before you place an order.

   4. Ask:   

                     How much the diploma will match? Fonts, Seals and the layout are the most important. Paper usually is not a problem for now. Be Careful, all these companies usually will avoid these questions when you ask them because it is no way for them to produce it. Even they tell you they can, don't even trust them. If you want an exact match, go to find a  printing company, not a fake diploma website.


 Can I contribute to this website?

 Yes, simply send me an email and I will review/update it. Or, give me 10 dollars for helping me to run this website! But I will Not accept money to change my review. Don't even ask, or for ten thousands dollars I might : )


 What about the transcript?

 Transcripts are usually harder to make, and do not even think it will match exactly too, major universities usually use script-safe paper or very high security paper, and no company can buy it since it is only made for an university or institution.

 Short Tutorial in Printing

     1.1 Paper: your certificate can be printed on a variety of impressive

        papers including: Antique Parchment stock, Natural Finish Parchment

        stock, usually is 60 lb. paper.



    1.2 Ink: high density printing ink is required, what is high density ink? here is       

        High Density printing is the process of printing a specially formulated ink through a

        very thick stencil to achieve  a raised, glossy smooth print with very sharp edges.

        Unlike Puff inks which have a flat, rounded and somewhat dull appearance, HD prints

        result in bright, glossy distinct colors. HD printing is done basically standard textile

        screen printing procedures and equipment, with some variations.

      1.3 Font: there are so many different kinds of font available on the

          market, but for these major universities, they have their

          own font, so that other companies cannot use it or access to it.

      1.4 Seals and Ribbons: it is hard to these fake diploma sites to make it for you,

                       actually they will not copy it for you. I almost guarantee

                       that they will use their own. There are few reasons, first

                       some seals have copyright, second is that it is too costly

                       for them to make one for you, third it takes time to make too.


    1.5 Foil Stamping & Foil embossing:  Many university's diploma will have this feature,

                   and it is not hard to do it too. However, because of the time and cost,

                   ALL the fake diploma websites will use their own metal dies. Usually it

                   takes about 5-15 turnaround time. So if they tell you they can do an

                   authentic duplication for you within few days, will you believe them?

    1.6 Wax Seals: Some colleges use it specially in England, and European countries,

                    and it is not expensive option at all.

    1.7 Printing: Offset printing (flat) or Thermography printing (raised).                   



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